15 days' practice for ielts listening

15 days’ practice for IELTS is a group of books, which has been written by 4 IELTS tutors khổng lồ help IELTS students to lớn prepare for the exam in a short time with a step by step plan.

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There are four books in this series, one for each IELTS module:➤ 15 Days’ practice for IELTS Reading,➤ 15 Days’ practice for IELTS Writing,➤ 15 Days’ practice for IELTS Speaking,➤ 15 Days’ practice for IELTS Listening.

The series is suitable for both academic IELTS preparation & general training preparation.

15 days practice for IELTS series pdf

As the name suggests, each book contains a 15 days plan to prepare for the IELTS test.

The authors start each book with a brief explanation and a general overview of the module & what is the format of it.

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Then, in the next days, they explain each task and discuss each type of questions, giving examples và tasks khổng lồ do.

Also, 15 days’ practice series, contain real IELTS exams to answer it to lớn be familiar with the real exam.

Consolidating your English abilityImproving your English skillsProviding general knowledgeDeveloping your test-taking skill

Now, you can tải về all 15 days’ practice for IELTS books pdf for không tính phí through direct link on Google drive.

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