3 awesome dalat cafe you should try

There are factors that contribute to a domain authority Lat đô thị famous dream. Cà phê Tung is a big contributing factor, it's not simple that people often say: "Visiting domain authority Lat và enjoying a cup of Tung coffee is a mistake".

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Cafe Tung is not only known for its long life, but by word of mouth the Tung da Lat coffee brand seems to have left a certain mark, arousing the curiosity of most visitors when coming here. It is also known as a "living witness" lớn the constant change và development of da Lat khổng lồ the present & has stories that you may not have heard.

Today together Artis Discover now coffe Tung in domain authority Lat and its stories!


Cafe Tung da Lat

History of coffe Tung domain authority Lat

Established in the 60s of the last century from a civil servant in Hanoi, because he was not too fond of this job và was missed with the beauty of domain authority Lat, so he decided to xuất hiện Tung Cafe, the name of the cửa hàng was named after his real name.

With a pure và handcrafted recipe, Tung cafe produces a cup of pure coffee, a passionate aroma that is extremely different & has resonated not only in domain authority Lat but other surrounding areas.


Cafe Tung domain authority Lat

About coffe Tung Dalat

Cafe Tung knows how lớn make himself different, although it is located on a street corner, it is easy to pass through, with a modest signboard, classic warm colors that are not eye-catching but very luxurious and have its own quality.

The space inside the restaurant is decorated with quite old tables and chairs, faded pictures, rows of tables và chairs are arranged close together, although small, the space is cozy & especially has a passionate aroma. Droopy.

Up to now, although it has gone through many lives và changed with the flow of time, cà phê Tung da Lat still somewhere still retains the classic, nostalgic features of that year we met, still a rustic cup of coffee. There, that fragrance & that chair we talked khổng lồ each other!


About Tung cà phê Dalat

Where is coffe Tung domain authority Lat?

The first location of Tung cafe is located on Thanh bầu Street (present-day Nguyen chi Thanh Street). Then for some reason the cửa hàng changed to lớn a kiosque on the side of the (old) market in da Lat. Later, the kiosks here were cleared, so Tung domain authority Lat coffe had khổng lồ be moved to lớn the ground floor of townhouse 6, Hoa Binh area. & fixed at this position until today.

Tung cafe is located opposite the famous golden wall "Windmill Bakery", contrary lớn that bustling atmosphere, Tung cà phê has been located peacefully for more than 50 years. That is why it always attracts the attention & curiosity of tourists.

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Address: 6 areas Hoa Binh - da Lat.


Address of cà phê Tung da Lat


Address of cafe Tung domain authority Lat

The untold stories of coffe Tung domain authority Lat

Uncle Tung, the founder of today's Tung cafe, he taught himself khổng lồ make coffee according to French documents and learned gradually according lớn his own secret.

The purpose of opening the shop is not to make money, but to lớn raise a dream to lớn build a French-u coffee brand, the classic is imprinted on objects, no matter how many times you visit Tung Cafe, you still feel the same, du Guests will feel some time memories rushing back & immersed in that space again.


Cafe Tung domain authority Lat

Cafe Tung - The place to lớn meet the memories of destiny

Previously, Tung cafe was a meeting place for talented artists and intellectuals.

Locals and tourists spread among themselves that at cafe Tung domain authority Lat, musician Trinh Cong Son met artist Khanh Ly for the first time. The cửa hàng is also the favorite address of Tu Cong Phung and his close friends. Poet Bui Giang also sat here khổng lồ write three hexagonal verses. Intellectuals and talented artists had the opportunity to lớn talk, confide và practice singing together at this place.


Cafe Tung domain authority Lat - meeting place

A few years ago, singer Khanh Ly visited Tung cafe. A place containing so many old memories that are very dear and a bit sad. She still vividly remembers her previous feelings at Tung cà phê with musician Trinh Cong Son. Remember the moments of chatting, having fun together with a hot cup of coffee.


Cafe Tung domain authority Lat - meeting place

Enjoy heirloom coffee at Tung cà phê Da Lat

The drink that Artis would like to introduce lớn you is the famous & famous pure ground coffee, the taste is said to lớn be the same as last year, no change. Still delicious, irresistible và those who have tasted it will leave an indelible mark and may even remind you of some great memories in this place in particular & Da Lat in general.


Cafe Tung da Lat

Let's leave your stories about coffe Tung domain authority Lat in the comments section of Artis!


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