Throughout his career, Hyun Bin has publicly loved the 3 girls và coincidentally all three are married, & the actor is still Alone.

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Hyun Bin’s “former lover collective” from tuy nhiên Hye Kyo to lớn Kang Sora got married, when will Hyun Bin become a groom?

Today (August 17), Korean media suddenly reported that actress Kang Sora will marry her husband who is not active in the entertainment industry at the end of September. The public was extremely surprised by this news, besides blessing Kang Sora, the character who was “summoned” the most by netizens is Hyun Bin – the actress’s ex-boyfriend.



Son Ye Jin’s best friend, Gong Hyo Jin is about to marry her boyfriend Kevin Oh – a Korean-American singer – 10 years younger than her.


This actor refused to lớn pair with song Hye Kyo to give the role of ‘CaptainYoo mê mẩn Jin’ to tuy vậy Joong Ki.


Throughout his career, Hyun Bin used to lớn make his love public with 3 girls & coincidentally, all 3 girls are now married, while Hyun Bin is still alone. His ex is about lớn get married, another old lover is married & divorced, the actor’s fans can’t help but wait và worry until Hyun Bin will be able to play the groom.

Kang SoraKang Sora is Hyun Bin’s most recent girlfriend và is also the one causing storms on social networks when announcing marriage this afternoon. This information surprised the public because it has been 3 years since she broke up with Hyun Bin, the actress has not had any dating rumors. Even earlier this year, the couple still had suspicions of going back together.


Hyun Bin – Kang Sora started a relationship in October năm nhâm thìn and officially started dating in December of the same year. The management company said that the couple should be charming thanks khổng lồ similar hobbies, tight-lipped & cautious about romance. However, Kang Sora was said to be unworthy of Hyun Bin in both fame và appearance. After less than a year of dating, the couple broke up with the reason of their busy schedules. After the breakup, the two did not publicly date anyone else.

In February this year, the couple Hyun Bin – Kang Sora were involved in a reunification case when netizens thought that the photos checked in Switzerland on Kang Sora’s personal page coincided with the time where Hyun Bin came here to film Crash Landing. On You. However, after the news of the actress’s marriage was announced, it could be seen that this was just a coincidence.

Song Hye Kyo

Song Hye Kyo is the first girl in Hyun Bin’s “former lover group” lớn announce her marriage. Tuy nhiên Joong Ki – song Hye Kyo used khổng lồ be a love symbol of Korean showbiz after the wedding of the century took place in 2017. Unfortunately, by 2019, the golden couple brought each other lớn the court for divorce.

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Hyun Bin and tuy vậy Hye Kyo are a couple ” kém chất lượng movie – true love”, so charming after filming the movie The World They Live In và publicity in August 2009. Tuy nhiên Hye Kyo is the woman who left the most imprints in Hyun Bin’s life, but this love also “died prematurely” when the two announced their breakup due to busy schedules, tired due khổng lồ excessive care of truyền thông media and public. Hyun Bin also enlisted in the army shortly after.

After the tuy vậy – tuy nhiên couple broke up, there were a series of rumors about tuy nhiên Hye Kyo reuniting with Hyun Bin. A series of evidence was given by netizens that made the name tuy nhiên Hye Kyo – a focus of discussion throughout social networking sites. Chinese truyền thông media also firmly confirmed that the couple reunited after nearly 10 years of separation.

However, after a long period of silence, on July 31, song Hye’s side made an official announcement, firmly denied, saying it was all just the imagination of the media and the Chinese press. Indiscriminate coverage is not a new story. After that, the representative from Hyun Bin’s agency also confirmed that the rumors of the couple reuniting were all unfounded.

Hwang Ji Hyun

Among Hyun Bin’s lovers, Hwang Ji Hyun is the least popular name. Hwang Ji Hyun was born in 1983, joined the entertainment industry at the age of 16, used lớn work as an actor, mã sản phẩm and an idol, but still a very faint name. However, Hwang Ji Hyun was the first girl khổng lồ be publicly loved by Hyun Bin in 2005, when the press captured the image of the couple going skiing in Gangwon.

At that time, Hyun Bin had just emerged as My Name Kim Sam Soon, so fans were very dissatisfied when he was dating an unknown female star. Hwang Ji Hyun was said to be unworthy of Hyun Bin in both fame & appearance. By 2007, the couple quietly broke up.

Her poor career is, but it seems that Hwang Ji Hyun has a happy private life. In October 2019, she married an elderly, wealthy businessman. On her personal page, she regularly posts pictures showing her luxurious & peaceful life. Hwang Ji Hyun went from an unknown actress lớn a “queen”, living in a spacious & noble apartment. Recently, Hyun Bin’s former love also posted an ultrasound image of the fetus, announcing that she and her husband were about to lớn welcome their first child.