There is an obvious reason why Amazon’s Kindle Paperwhite is the best selling Kindle model. The basic Kindle has traditionally been too bare bone và the luxurious Oasis is a bit inaccessible for many. The Kindle Paperwhite covers most basics và strikes the right balance between the two. Which is also why it makes the most sense khổng lồ people who are new to lớn ebook readers.

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Late last year Amazon introduced the 10th generation Paperwhite which drags down major changes lượt thích audible tư vấn and water-resistant và is the first introduced with Kindle Oasis 2. The Kindle Paperwhite (10th generation) is the fourth Paperwhite iteration destined lớn be the best selling Kindle model until Amazon introduces the next Paperwhite version, most likely in 2020.

This review was long term in the making, but we have finally put together what we like and what we don’t like about the new Kindle Paperwhite. Let’s begin.

Amazon Kindle naming convention và chronology:

If you are new to lớn Kindles, Amazon’s naming convention can be a bit confusing. The same Kindle Paperwhite model that we are discussing is referred by three names – Kindle Paperwhite 2018, Kindle Paperwhite 10th generation, & Kindle Paperwhite 4th generation. The following table should sort things a bit.

Kindle Device GenerationsDevicesYear
10th generationKindle Paperwhite (4th generation)Kindle 9Kindle Oasis (3rd)2018
9th generationKindle Oasis (2nd)2017
8th generationKindle Oasis (1st)Kindle 82016
7th GenerationKindle Paperwhite (3rd)Kindle VoyageKindle 72015
6th GenerationKindle Paperwhite (2nd)2013
5th GenerationKindle Paperwhite (1st)Kindle 52012

Kindle Paperwhite 10th gene Price and Specifications


And before we begin, here are the specs:

Display: 6-inch glare-free e-paper (300ppi) display, 5 LED lightStorage: 8GB/ 32GB, free Amazon Cloud storage for booksConnectivity: Wi-Fi (2.4GHz); Wi-Fi + không tính phí 4G, BluetoothIPX8 Waterproof (2-meter deep fresh water, up khổng lồ 60 minutes)Dimensions: 167 x 116 x 8.18 mm; 182grams (Wi-Fi)Price : RS 12,999 (Wi-Fi), Rs 17,999 ( Wi-Fi + miễn phí 4G)

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Kindle Paperwhite 10th gene Review: Design & Build


The Kindle Paperwhite 10th gene is more compact & noticeably lighter than the last generation Paperwhite. It’s nowhere as premium as the high-end Oasis, but it’s surely more manageable & grippy.

A hardened glass sits flush with the fascia and, going by our Oasis experience, you need not worry about this glass getting scratched with normal usage – even in the long run.


With the switch to lớn glass, the bezels won’t accumulate any distracting scratches, dirt or grime over the period of usage, but on the downside, the glass attracts finger smudges rather easily và this can be a bit irritating, especially for users upgrading from the last gen paperwhite.

We realized that the flush-front design concept works so much better with narrow bezels. Speaking of which, the bottom bezel has been trimmed but the top bezel is beefier. It’s more lượt thích the display has been shifted lớn the center.

Going into nuances, the Kindle branding had to lớn be shifted underneath the glass as well, which is perhaps why Amazon is once again using more conspicuous Silver color logo unlike the less distracting black one on last generation model. It must also be mentioned that the glass is comparatively more reflective than the cảm biến we had on last year’s Paperwhite, but that doesn’t get in the way while reading.


Another major kiến thiết change is that the new Kindle Paperwhite is waterproof. The IPX8 rating certifies that it should be able khổng lồ withstand submersion in 2 meters deep fresh water for up khổng lồ 60 minutes. In terms of practical gains, you need khổng lồ worry less about spillage or accidental tương tác with water, và this should make your Paperwhite even more durable.

You won’t be able khổng lồ leverage waterproofing in your bath or in the pool since there are no physical buttons to turn pages & the cảm ứng won’t work satisfactorily once it’s wet.

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Kindle Paperwhite 10th gene Review: Display

Of course, the essence of the Kindle is its light-on-eyes display. So, has the display chất lượng been improved? Well, not noticeably so. But still, the 300ppi 6-inch e-ink panel is perfectly apt & the same one that Amazon uses on Kindle Oasis.

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What differentiates it is that there are 5 LEDs illuminating it from the front (unlike 15 on Oasis và 4 on last gene Paperwhite). We prefer manual brightness control on our e-readers and thus didn’t miss lack of adaptive brightness.

Kindle Paperwhite 10th ren Review: Performance & Software

The performance và software are largely the same. Our Kindle Paperwhite (10th gen) isn’t any faster than the last generation model. & it’s still noticeably slower than our Kindle Oasis 2. The storage has been doubled lớn 8GB, though.

The software is again unified across all Kindle models. Audible support, which already made it to base Kindle và to Oasis, has now been added lớn Paperwhite as well, but only for Global market.


Audible still hasn’t been integrated with Kindle ebook readers in India. If you are into Audible Audiobooks, there are indirect ways to make it work on Kindles.

Kindle software and vast ebook library is one primary reason that make it the defacto choice for many consumers. Every book you might need is just a few clicks away!

We have the Wi-Fi supported variant with us và dual-band tư vấn is still missing. There is a 4G variant too, but paying 4K extra for limited 4G doesn’t feel right. Limited because you can only use 4G data for Amazon services (Downloading books, Wikipedia và translation popups, etc.).

The higher variant has 32GB storage too, but that doesn’t count for much till Audible is integrated with Kindles in India.

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Kindle Paperwhite 10th ren Review: Battery Backup


The battery life is better than what we get on Oasis. With one hour of reading per day, the new Paperwhite can last for three to lớn four weeks, which is comfortably more than what we’d expect.

With a 5W charger, the battery tops up in around 3 hours.

Kindle Paperwhite 10th gene Review: Should you buy it?

The new Kindle Paperwhite didn’t feel like a drastic change but it’s so much more than an incremental update. If you have used a Paperwhite before, you know what you will be getting into. The experience, especially in India, is largely the same. Which isn’t to say it’s bad by any yardstick.

It’s just that Amazon isn’t going that extra mile, & that’s because it doesn’t have to. There simply isn’t much competition. We would have still liked enhancements like a Type-C port, dual-band Wi-Fi, Audible support, and narrower bezels accompanied by a proportionate increase in screen kích cỡ – especially since Amazon has hiked the price. At the same time, none of these omissions is a dealbreaker.

The Kindle Paperwhite is still the ebook reader to buy unless you don’t mind spending significantly more on the best available option, the Oasis. In our opinion, it’s the most convenient Kindle to lớn use for long term reading. Since we switched from Oasis, it took us a while khổng lồ adjust khổng lồ the lack of page turn buttons, but other than that we really enjoyed our books.

Also, since the basic Kindle 9 now has a backlight and is more affordable, it could replace Paperwhite as the preferred model for first time Kindle buyers.