La la land: city of stars inspired bachelorette party

“City of stars. Just one thing everybody wants. There in the bars. And through the smokescreen of the crowded restaurants.

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It’s love. Yes, we’re all looking for is love from someone else. A rush, a glance, a touch, a dance.”

La La Land isn’t just on the big screen because we are bringing the “City of Stars” straight to lớn Saint Louis for a glamorous bachelorette các buổi party weekend . Sorry, ladies – we tried! Our kiến thiết team at Kate & Company dreamed up the ultimate bachelorette bash you won’t soon forget!



This is the Dream

Set the tone for your star-studded weekend by checking into the Moonrise Hotel; a chất lượng boutique hotel complete with celebrity themed rooms, first class accommodations, và luxurious amenities. This khách sạn also features one of the city’s most amazing rooftop terrace bars!


Moonrise Hotel

Can I borrow what you’re wearing?

Once all your girls have settled in to lớn unpack their bags, it’s time to get dolled up & hit the town! Pair your favorite buổi tiệc nhỏ dress with fun heels và a cross body bag to secure all your belongings for the night.

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Some essential items to keep on your side:






We were absolutely obsessed with Mia and her gal pals jewel-toned dresses in the film – so, request for each of your girls pick their favorite color for the evening. So chic!


She Captured Feeling, Sky with No Ceiling

Once all the gals are dressed khổng lồ the nines, head up khổng lồ Eclipse Rooftop Bar in the Moonrise hotel to enjoy a glass of Champagne or one of Eclipse’s signature cocktails! Not only does the bar have some of the most scenic views of the city, they also have the world’s largest man-made moon!


Eclipse Rooftop Bar

Everyone deserves to feel like a star for a day, don’t you think? Take a quick Uber khổng lồ the James S. McDonnel Planetarium for a super special dinner under the starry night sky! The Planetarium offers private dinner parties that are out of this world – literally! While there many not be a zero-gravity experience , but you will feel lượt thích a true star as you dine under the Milky Way.


James S. McDonnel Planetarium

Requesting “I Ran” from a Serious Musician! Too Far!

We know if you loved La La Land as much as we did, you LOVE music! và what bachelorette weekend is complete without lots of dancing?! The Live Juke Joint Dueling Piano Bar is the perfect spot for live music & a fun, laid-back atmosphere. There’s also a good chance the musicians will bring you on stage lớn sing you a love song…and we bet you could even get them khổng lồ play, “I Ran”!

After a fun-filled night, it’s time lớn head back to the Moonrise hotel for some R&R and lots of sweatpants! You’re going to lớn need all the sleep you can get for day two!


It’s Off khổng lồ the Café

If you are still feeling the Jive of last night, then it’s time for some java. There are some great local coffee shops you can walk to lớn before getting your day started. Blueprint Coffee is just blocks away from Moonrise khách sạn and offers some of the smartest and unique coffee in the city. Try their frothy latte or if you’re feeling adventurous, talk to someone on their knowledgeable staff about the different methods và varieties of coffee they offer. Grab a pastry or a breakfast sandwich to fuel your fun filled day! Just be careful on your way out – remember Mia’s coffee spill?! We can’t have that!


Blueprint Coffee


Just Write Your Own Rules

Once you are properly energized with coffee & noms, it’s time khổng lồ get the blood flowing at a barre class! Close by in the Central West End, Pure Barre offers classes that teach the most uncoordinated way khổng lồ incorporate ballet into a sweat-dripping workout! You’ll leave your group class feeling rejuvenated & ready to các buổi party – not khổng lồ mention with a few new impressive dance moves. We can’t guarantee they’ll be as great as the choreography in La La Land, but it’s worth a shot!


Pure Barre

Now that you’ve burned some cals, the Cheshire Pool is calling your name! The Pool buổi tiệc nhỏ scene in La La Land is one our faves – so, we had khổng lồ include some time in the sun! Reserve the pool for you & your besties khổng lồ lounge & sip on Pina Co-La-La-Da’s! Make it fun by wearing coordinating swimsuits and bringing your favorite floaties. There’s nothing wrong with a pool full of blow-up pizzas and ice-cream.


The Cheshire Pool

My Aunt Used khổng lồ Live in Paris

Who doesn’t dream of having dinner at a French bistro on Champs Elysées in Paris?! Lucky for you, St. Louis offers one of the best local alternatives, Vin de Set! Although you aren’t under the Eiffel Tower, Vin de set restaurant serves classic French cuisine in their upscale bistro và rooftop bar. Reserve the Wine Loft for a private dinner with your ladies before heading out on the terrace for cocktails & amazing views of the city!


Vin de Set

What bởi you mean you don’t lượt thích Jazz?

BB’s Jazz, Blues & Soups has been a staple in the St. Louis music community for decades & is a go-to spot for live jazz & blues! While it may not be your traditional dance club, you & your girls will love the funky vibe & are sure to lớn dance your hearts out! Head to lớn South Broadway & immerse yourself in live music – & figure out why Sebastian was so in love with all things jazz!


BB’s Jazz, Blues & Soups


Here’s to lớn the Ones that Dream, Crazy as they May Seem

Whew! What a weekend! We hope this La La Land inspired bachelorette weekend has you dreaming about the Gateway lớn the West!