Lady gaga wears massive hot pink brandon maxwell gown at 2019 met gala

Let’s play a quick round of trivia. Which celebrity has dressed up in a raw meat dress, as a Christmas tree, & in an outfit consisting of real human hair? Ding, ding, ding! You guessed correct: The one và only, Lady Gaga. Suffice khổng lồ say, the Bad Romance singer is equally known for her risk-taking sense of style as she is an award-winning performer và musician. And, the (very long) list of unforgettable moments wouldn’t quite be complete without Lady Gaga’s best Met Gala fashion looks. Sure, they might be a bit more tame in comparison lớn other occasions like, for instance, the MTV Movies Awards, but, they’re all very much worthy of your undivided attention.

Unsurprisingly, the singer-turned-actor has been one to watch on the red carpet at the annual event since she made her first appearance back in 2010. But, if you can believe it, Gaga has only walked up the treasured steps of Metropolitan Museum of Art three times (but technically six looks, if you count her four outfit changes in 2019). Of course, her head-turning fashion choices over the past decade have made up for the lack of appearances.

Below, be prepared khổng lồ witness some iconic ensembles with Gaga’s best Met Gala fashion moments to lớn date. Plus, don"t forget to keep your eyes peeled for the star’s red carpet arrival on Monday, September 13, because if she shows up, she’s destined lớn break the internet, per usual.

Met Gala 2010

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Gaga’s first appearance at the Met Gala was in 2010 (themed American Woman: Fashioning a National Identity), but in true fashion, she created buzz by skipping the red carpet. Instead, the star took to the stage for her performance in a sequin Armani Prive catsuit.

Met Gala 2015


For her debut on the red carpet at the năm ngoái Met Gala, which was themed China: Through the Looking Glass, Gaga arrived in an ornate thiết kế by Alexander Wang for Balenciaga. The one-of-a-kind ensemble was detailed with a kimono, black feathers, and a beaded crown. It doesn’t get much more exquisite than that.

Met Gala 2016


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The singer made a not-so-subtle red carpet appearance in a full Versace ensemble at the năm 2016 Manus x Machina: Fashion In An Age Of công nghệ Met Gala. The statement-making ensemble consisted of a Versace sequin jacket that featured dramatic shoulder pads. Let’s be honest: How on earth she strutted up and down the stairs in those platform boots is the burning question here.

Met Gala 2019


Perhaps Gaga’s most talked-about moment(s) was when she wowed the world at the 2019 Met Gala in not one, but four incredible outfits, all created by her dear friend Brandon Maxwell. She *casually* entered the vicinity with five dancers, her go-to makeup artist Sarah Tanno, & her own personal photographer. For her first look, Gaga wore a hot pink gown with a 25-foot train, which needed lots of hands to help carry in the back.

Next up, Maxwell himself removed the pink gown to reveal a đen corset dress underneath (NBD). Gaga added a đen umbrella khổng lồ the look, because, well, why not?

“And now you won"t stop calling me, I"m kinda busy.” It’s only fitting the Telephone singer brought a phone with her as a prop. Additionally, her strappy hot pink Brandon Maxwell dress was accessorized with Linda Farrow sunnies và a Tiffany và Co. Necklace.

Last but certainly not least, Gaga stripped down lớn reveal a black glitzy crystal bra & sequin tights over her underwear. There you have it — the best Gaga looks that have waltzed up & down the stairs at the prestigious fashion affair.