Victoria's secret pure seduction fragrance mist, 250 ml

We have all heard about ‘Love at First Sight’, and some of us have even experienced it. With this body mist from Victoria’s Secret you can now experience ‘Love at First Spray’. This flirty, floral fragrance from Victoria’s Secret lingers around you all day long and refreshes your body and mind with its seductive aroma.

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Pure SeductionIndulge in the art of seduction with this Pure Seduction body mist from Victoria’s Secret. Infused with succulent red plum and sweet freesia, this body mist leaves behind a romantic, sexy aroma.

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Pretty BottleElegantly designed, this Victoria’s Secret Pure Seduction body mist spray bottle is crafted beautifully. Place this bottle on your dressing rack and add an essence of charm to your rack.

BrandVictoria"s Secret
Model Namepure seduction
Ideal ForWomen
TypeBody Mist
Quantity250 ml
Maximum Shelf Life60 Months
Fragrance FamilyFloral, Fresh



Fruity smell, very sweet, ideal for light fragrance, not very strong, though its a first copy pretty good product, lasts for 2-3 hours. Satisfied by the product


Fragrance is awefulI had headache after applying Very strong flower smell Bad experience, Money wasted, it"s lying on my table, I am using it as an expensive paper weight.
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