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As an important commercial port in the 17th & 18th century, Hoi An was located at the crossroads for trading spanning Asia và Europe. You can see worldly influence on Hoi An cuisine’s clearly. Besides, it is also affected by the demands of mass tourists for their favorite dishes from other regions of Vietnam. There are so many restaurants in the streets of Hoi An so you may find it hard to choose one for lunch or dinner.

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If you are looking for the best place lớn eat in Hoi An, Miss Ly Caféteria should be included in your initirary. It is a legendary dining spot that is well known by both local và foreign visitors. Miss Ly’s mother has lived here since 1949 & the restaurant has been run since 1993. With more than đôi mươi years of experience, this restaurant is worth a visit.

Location: 22 Nguyen Hue street, Hoi An city, Quang nam provinceOpening Hours: 7 am – 10 pmPrice range: VND 50.000 – VND 110.000/ person.Style: Vietnamese, Asian, Vegetarian

I. Why is Miss Ly Cafeteria Special?

1. Location

Miss Ly Cafeteria is located at Nguyen Hue street, right in the old quarter area. It attracts hundreds of diners thanks khổng lồ this favorable location. You can easily go to this restaurant on foot. From Tran Hung Dao street, just go ahead lớn the east then turn right onto Nguyen Hue street where this restaurant is.

2. Design

Surprisingly breathtaking, Miss Ly Cafeteria has a typical architecture of an ancient house in Hoi An. It offers a cozy space which is only enough for 17 tables, however, it is always full of customers, especially in rush hours. Surrounded by ancient shop-houses, it has a simple setup with wooden furnishing, ceiling fans, and warm lighting. Visitors can enjoy the relaxed atmosphere và the charming interiors of the place with antique wall prints and vintage paintings while eating. Its special architecture và design make Miss Ly Cafeteria an ideal stop lớn get away from the hustle và bustle of the center while you still can enjoy the beautiful view of the surrounding historical buildings.

3. Staff

The staff here is very friendly và hospitable. They are entirely female who can speak perfect English. They are always willing khổng lồ help you choose the most suitable dishes và give you some travelling guides in Hoi An. Even when the restaurant is so crowded, they still try their best to give you a good service.

II. What to lớn Eat in Miss Ly Cafeteria?

Miss Ly Cafeteria offers a diverse và reasonably-priced thực đơn with popular local dishes, rice and noodles, Vietnamese coffee, smoothies, and also a wide range of beers and wines imported from other countries. Miss Ly does most of the cooking & her sister, a fresh produce dealer, supplies the restaurant with local, fresh and organic products. These ingredients & vegetables are locally taken from some surrounding areas such as Cam phái nam Village, Tra Que Herb Village, cha Le Well, and Cham Island. There are lots of appealing dishes you can find on the menu. If you are allergic to lớn any ingredients or on a specific diet, you can also ask for your special meal customized accordingly.

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The signature dishes of Miss Ly Restaurant include “cao lau”, “banh bao vac” (white rose dumplings), “thit nuong” (grilled pork), và “hoanh thanh” (wonton dumplings).

1. Trắng Rose Dumplings

When it comes to lớn Hoi An’s specialties, it will be a pity if we don’t try trắng rose dumplings. It is made from translucent trắng rice filled with spiced minced shrimp of pork & then bunched up khổng lồ look lượt thích a little trắng rose. The trắng rose translucent rice dumplings are so light with mouthwatering balanced favors. The quality dipping sauce from Miss Ly’s recipes made of shrimp broth, lemon, hot chillies and sugar makes its favor more delicious.

2. Cao Lau

Cao lau, one of the most well-known Hoi An specialties, is a must try for foodies who visit this restaurant. There are 5 main ingredients they use to make up traditional “cao lau”: noodles, pork, broth, crackers, herbs and greens. It is a perfect combination that no one can resist. Even if you have tried “cao lau” in other restaurants, give Miss Ly Cafeteria a go, you will not regret.

3. Grilled Pork

Trying grilled pork in Miss Ly Cafeteria is an interesting experience with the sensation of toughness, softness, & sweetness. The spicy flavor of pepper, lemon grass, and chilly combining together make the pork tastier & more attractive. Especially, it is a favorite dish to eat when drinking beer or wine. This dish will surely not disappoint you.

Tips on Eating at Miss Ly Cafeteria

The restaurant is always crowded with a lot of customers. So, you should make a reservation in advance. Without reservation, you may have lớn wait 30 minutes to lớn 1 hour. Or, you can go lớn this restaurant earlier to get a good seat.You don’t need to lớn worry about ordering. The staff can speak English well and they are quite supportive and helpful.The restaurant doesn’t take cards, so please remember to bring cash.You should meet Nathan, Miss Ly’s husband, who looks after the front of the house.Miss Ly cocktail with lime juice, orange juice, rum & a cảm biến of sugar is a perfect refreshing start for dinner.

Miss Ly Cafeteria is a truly a great restaurant which offers a truly legendary local meal with incredible flavors & textures. The charming & cheerful staff và the reasonable bill are also plus points for the restaurant which attracts tourists lớn come back again. So, if you are staying in Hoi An, don’t forget lớn visit Miss Ly Cafeteria.