I’ve wanted khổng lồ try this BB cake ever since I first saw the whole Full Cover line. But well I thought it was kind of expensive for me. So I waited till there was sale for it and finally bought it.

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Let’s take a moment to lớn look at the box, ingredients and the cushion itself.The box is quite regular, simple đen with the same yellow stroke as the BB cream. In the middle there’s transparent plastic so you see the cushion case.


The cushion, again, is simple black.


Inside you find the actual product. I keep calling it cushion but it’s just BB cake. It doesn’t have a sponge inside, the consistency is like… those stick make ups (f.e. Etude House Play 101 Stick Foundation).


The puff… Oh the puff. It’s like the BEST thing in the world. It’s classical air puff, yes. But the great thing about it is that the back of it is leather-like. It’s not the classical material which gets dirty once and never goes back to lớn perfectly white pureness. No, this ‘leather’ is lượt thích heaven. It doesn’t get dirty whatsoever.


Aritaum’s vs IOPE’s airpuff

Now let’s talk about the makeup itself, shall we?

On Cosmetic Love trang web it says it’s powder and I’m lượt thích what? The consistency is nowhere near powder. The finish is glowy, it looks really natural. & at the same time it sets nicely so you don’t even need khổng lồ powder it. It’s really creamy và comfortable lớn wear. But I feel lượt thích I always pick too much with the puff. Once I wanted lớn use it only on my trouble areas (I had Etude House Precious Mineral Any Cushion on the rest of my face) and I picked up wayyyyy too much và just had to lớn blend it everywhere. It blends really easily with no effort at all.

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It contains Rose water lớn give nutrients lớn skin, Macadamia nut oil to khung skin protection layer & Collagen extracts to promotes elasticity of skin.

It claims to be Anti UV, yes, I guess? It has SPF 42 PA++ which is not enough for me. I lượt thích to have the full sun protection so I use my Etude House Sunprise Must Daily SPF50+ PA+++ under it. But you don’t have to lớn use sunblock under it, this is just what I like. Next Anti Wrinkle which I guess is true. I have wrinkles only around my eyes so I can’t tell for sure it this is true. Lastly it claims to be whitening & yes, it really is. When I first put it on (the đoạn phim below) I felt like it’s way too light for my extremely light skin so I put some bronzer there và then I didn’t blend it out properly, aish. But the colour is really not too light. It’s absolutely perfect. Just lượt thích the BB cream (I have both in colour Light Beige). It has yellow undertone which I find is perfect match for me even tho I personally have pink undertone (with pink undertone makeups I feel like I’m a tomato).

The coverage is medium to high, it basically covers everything. Well almost, if I have something really bad, it will only tone it down but regular blemishes & things like that are no problem lớn this BB. So you don’t need khổng lồ use any concealer what so ever. Sadly my skin condition got really bad lately so I had lớn use concealer.

After all, I HIGHLY recommend this product. I fell in love almost immediately. It may not be the best option for super super dry skin types but for me (used lớn be combo, now dry) it’s perfect. I really love this. 5/5 kkk